For My Students

2016-2017 schedule

I am teaching:
  • Entrepreneurial Journalism (Journal 383)--In this course, students learn about the different development and business models of digital news operations, and develop their own sites, from concept to business plan. We learn from successful media entrepreneurs, and we study digital news startups--what makes the successful ones work, and how they can fail. We'll learn how to use social media to build our audiences, and how you can bring "intrapreneurship" into your workplace when you graduate. The capstone assignment is a "pitch competition," in which students present their journalistic business ideas to a panel of real-life entrepreneurs for $50,000 in virtual seed money. I strongly encourage students who take this course to also enroll in the Tuesday night, one-credit course, The Entrepreneurship Initiative, which culminates in a pitch competition that awards $10,000 to the best ideas. I'm determined to have a pony in the race this year. Is it you?
  • Introduction to Multimedia Reporting (Journal 301)--In this course, you'll learn how to produce digital news packages, AND how to find and use reliable data from government, academic and advocacy group sources on the web. You'll be writing in-depth stories, shooting photos and creating podcasts on current topics in the news, including the economy, the presidential election, food and agriculture policy and the environment. Several of my spring semester students are working this summer in internships at WBUR and WGBH in Boston, The Greenfield Recorder and The Daily Hampshire Gazette, among other places. Come on down! 
  • First Year Student Seminar (197)--If you're a first-year student or transfer, take this course! We'll talk about careers, courses, advising, and the program expectations, all with the goal of making sure this program is the right fit for you. We'll visit the student media outlets, where you can pick up an assignment or join their teams. (They want you!) I am particularly proud of this course, since I developed it, and students tell me all the time what a difference it made in their UMass experience. 

My social media policy
I don't friend students on Facebook. It's just better for everyone this way. You should definitely join the UMass Journalism Page on Facebook, though. 
I also don't LinkIn with undergrads, and only with students who have earned an A or a B in my three or four credit courses once they've graduated.

But hey, let's really get social. Come see me in person. My  door is ALWAYS OPEN for anyone who'd like to yack with me face to face. I teach my Launchpad course in the spring, but I'm available all day on Thursdays to talk about jobs, resumes, internships and life in general.

Where to find me
My office is located in S425 Integrative Learning Center. My office phone is (413) 545-5930. My email address is: